Customer Relationship Management

MetricsERP provides a powerful and intuitive Customer Relationship management capability for the Small and Medium Businesses

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most critical business activities that not only helps generate new leads or customers but also helps retain the existing customers through appropriate nurturing, communication and activity tracking and execution. It is often found that the small and medium businesses (SME/SMB/MSME) manage their leads, opportunities, customers, quotes, communication, follow ups etc through multiple disjointed software/tools or manually. This leads to duplication of activities, lack of traction as well as losing the hard-earned lead/customer to the competitors.

The CRM suite of the MetricsERP application provides an all integrated customer relationship management platform for small and medium businesses that establishes full visibility about the latest status/traction of the new and existing leads and customers, allows creating and executing follow up tasks and activities, provides the ability to create and track a new opportunity/deal as well as offers a comprehensive sales quote management capability.

In addition, the CRM suite is integrated with several third party applications in order to generate leads through all social and digital channels. Your company telephone system can also be integrated with the CRM platform, so that all incoming calls are validated and created as a new lead as applicable. An Intuitive and user friendly MetricsERP iOS/Android app will allow creating new leads as you travel around and meet new people to grow your business.

Finally, once you secure an order from the new lead/customer, the comprehensive MetricsERP application suite within the same platform will help process your order through the Supply Chain Management processes such as Inventory/Stock Management, Material Planning, Manufacturing, Procurement, Logistics, Pick/Pack/Ship and Invoicing, so that you don’t need to jump into another disjointed software application to manage rest of your business.

MetricsERP is a cloud based platform that includes ERP, CRM and Point of Sale (POS) – all in one single software for the small and medium businesses. Our mission is to help the small and medium businesses become more effective and efficient by managing their entire business using one single platform in an intuitive and cost effective manner.

Intuitive sort, search, filter and data drill down capability helps users find the right information at the right time by effectively navigating across the pages/modules.

The built in data export and emailing capability helps users extract, analyze and share the business critical data with their peers and management in order to facilitate appropriate decision making.

Book a demo to explore more about how MetricsERP can add value to your business.

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To explore more about how MetricsERP can add value to your business.

Book a demo to explore more about how MetricsERP can add value to your business.