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Fully Customizable

Why should a system feature cause bottlenecks to your business? Tell us what special you need for your business and our team will be more than happy to get it ready for you.

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Smart and Proactive

Why would you login every time to get the business critical information. Just tell us what you need to know, MetricsERP will email you the information smartly and proactively.

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Easy to Use

Just pick any device and start using the system!! A fluid, eye-pleasing, easily navigable user interface will motivate you to do even more with the system and help making effective decisions.

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Analytics and Dashboard

Get hold of the business pulse instantly just by accessing the business analytics and dashboards. Grab the ‘Low Hanging Fruits’ and steer your business to the right direction.

Why MetricsERP?


We are not just another ERP system in the market!! That is not what we would like to be. Our mission is to deliver 10X value of what customers could ever imagine... and we sincerely mean it!! MetricsERP will not limit itself just to process your business transactions; it will proactively analyse your data and highlight where the problems are so that you can act on it on a timely manner. Just contact us to understand what MetricsERP can do for you


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Catalogue and Part Management

– Categorisation
– Multiple Unit of Measure (UOM) support
– OEM and Supplier Part Number mapping
– Attachment functionality
– Thumbnail view of the part
– Catalogue level Tax Management Manufacturing, Planning and Schduling

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Manufacturing, Planning and Scheduling

– Manufacturing BOM and Routing
– Work Order Management
– Shop Floor Tracking
– Resource Management
– Material Requirement Planning (MPR-I)
– Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP-II)
– Cost Tracking
– Manufacturing Scheduling Inventory and Warehousing Management

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Inventory and Warehousing Management

– Effective Lot, Serial and Shelf Life Expiry Tracking
– Real time Store and Stock Locator tracking
– Smart Material Reservation
– First in First out (FIFO) based material utilisation
– Efficient Material Kitting
– Min-Max Planning
– Smart Cycle Counting

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Purchasing & Payables Management

– Vendor, Site and Contact Management.
– Intuitive Requisition and Purchase Order Management.
– Smart Procurement Workbench for Buyers.
– Electronic Approval and Supplier Communication.
– Comprehensive Tax Handling.
– Payable Invoice and Payment Management.

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Sales Order, Quote & Receivable Management

– Customer, Site and Contact Management
– Effective Sales Quote and Order Management
– Robust Tax Engine
– Efficient Pick, Pack and Ship mechanism
– Automated Credit Hold functionality
– Intuitive Invoice and Receivables Management

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Enterprise Asset Management - Planning, Scheduling

– Asset, Repairable and Configuration Management
– Parent-Child Hierarchy Management
– Real time maintenance cost analysis
– Efficient Meter Management Framework
– Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
– Quality and Failure Analysis
– Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

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Point of Sales (POS)

– Intuitive POS system
– Scanning and Barcoding
– Comprehensive Tax Management
– Analytics and Dashboards
– Integrated with Inventory and Receivables Integration

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– Integration with third party Finance tool.
– Integration with third party HCM tool.
– Integration with any tool that manages part of your business.

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Financial Management

– Robust Tax Management Framework.
– Accounts Payable Management.
– Accounts Receivables Management.

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– We will get the IT infrastructure ready on time and every time.
– No hardware, maintenance or headache; we will do it all for you.
– Access MetricsERP from anywhere; just need an Internet connection – that’s it!


– You are in full control of your server and IT Infrastructure.
– Single server deployment.
– We are always there to support you.

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