MetricsERP for Small and Medium Businesses – All processes in one Software

Almost all businesses will contain 4 primary process flows in their operations. These are: Lead to Customer, Order to Cash, Demand to Replenishment and Procure to Pay.

Almost all businesses will contain 4 primary process flows in their operations. These are: Lead to Customer, Order to Cash, Demand to Replenishment and Procure to Pay. Based on our experience of consulting small and medium businesses (SMB) over the last few years, it’s a common observation that most of the businesses are using multiple softwares or combination of manual handling and software based processes to manage their day to day operations. As a result, the management or business owners struggle to find the right information at the right time to make appropriate strategic/operational/tactical decisions leading to losing the competitive advantage as well as reduced efficiencies and effectiveness.

MetricsERP is resolving exactly that problem for the small and medium business by providing an all integrated ERP/CRM software which promotes a platform for the SMBs to perform all business cycles in one single software application. MetricsERP is capable of becoming the single source of truth for all your business processes, e.g. how many leads have you generated last month, how many quotations have you sent to various customers this week, what is your order booking status this quarter, what is your cash flow scenario, what are your fast and slow moving items, what you need to buy from whom and at what time and how much and many more such questions which you commonly come across in a small and business. All these answers are just a button click away in MetricsERP software.


Lead to Customer flow:

The CRM suite of the MetricsERP application provides a comprehensive list of features that allows generating leads from all channels including various social, search, marketing and telecommunication platforms. You can create a sales quote not only for a customer but for leads or potential customers as well. Highly efficient follow up task and activity log tracking mechanism ensure you are not missing any opportunity of generating new sales. Once we create a sales quote, MetricsERP does the periodic follow up with the customers by itself without any human involvement and helps convert quotes to orders.

Order to Cash flow:

Comprehensive sales order management suite includes an enriched customer price list management module, effective customer credit limit tracking, efficient pick/pack/ship mechanism, partial/milestone based invoicing capability, e-Wallet feature to deal with advance payments, effective sales order return/credit note handling mechanism and many more value adding features for the small and medium businesses. We have 4 different Point of Sales (POS) modules catering to various industry sectors such as Fruit and Veg retail, Groceries, Pharmacies and various wholesale businesses.

Demand to Replenishment:

MetricsERP includes 3 different highly efficient material planning mechanisms as – Reorder Planning, Min-Max Planning and MRP (Material Requirement Planning), to ensure a small and medium business does not lose a sales opportunity due to stock out scenarios. Planning engine allows setting up demand confidence for the upcoming period so that you don’t over or under procure an item. An intuitive planning workbench provides full visibility to the demand and supply scenario and allows creating purchase orders against preferred suppliers or last suppliers just by clicking a couple of buttons. 

Procure to Pay:

An in-depth Purchasing suite helps create purchase orders from multiple sources such as: various material planning engines, services work orders etc. Efficient supplier price list management mechanism ensures material procurement as per negotiated pricing. Purchase order approval and revision tracking mechanism ensures all changes are tracked effectively. Full/partial receiving and milestone based invoicing capability provides significant flexibility in the procurement management process. Purchasing module also offers an effective way of managing the outside processing/subcontract related procurement which helps derive the accurate landing cost of a procurement.

We are passionate about small and medium businesses, as they are the heart of any economy. Our vision is to make the small and medium businesses highly effective and efficient by leveraging an all integrated ERP/CRM system that is feature rich, intuitive and affordable. MetricsERP is continuously evolving to achieve this vision. 

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